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Rainbow Play Sets are the best in the world and they’re made in the good old USA with 100% California Redwood. More kids play on Rainbow Play Sets than on any other brand.

Rainbow Play Systems invites you to come in and play on our swing sets.

So your family wants a swing set. Before we go any further, we need to clear up a major misconception. You and your children will not see the same things when you look at Rainbow Play Systems swing set models. You see a spiral slide and climbing rope where they visualize a time travel capsule and swinging jungle vine. While you consider the merits of a lower-level playhouse versus an upper-level cabin, your child is mentally sending invitations to her girls-only tea party or planning the quickest escape route should his fort come under attack. Hmm, tough call.

To help you make the best choices, we encourage you to load up the family and visit our showroom where you and your children can see, touch and most importantly, play on our display swing sets. While the kids are playing, pay attention to the swing sets they’re attracted to and which accessories capture their interest. This valuable information will make designing your family’s dream swing set a snap.


Rainbow Play Systems, AMERICA’S MOST TRUSTED BRAND NAME. We have over 160 Models to choose from. For 22 years we have sold Rainbow swing sets which are built for a lifetime of vigorous play. Built from 100% California Redwood and guaranteed to last a lifetime on all Rainbow Play Systems.

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